Human Resources Management in Public Schools


The management of a school, in all its facets, is an enormous task, and when things go wrong in the staffroom, it is highly likely that the institution could become one of the tragic statistics on dysfunctional schools.

The McKinsey report on global education systems showed that an education system could be turned around in a relatively short space of time if the following staff-related efforts occur:

  • obtain the best people to provide teaching;
  • develop those people to teach effectively;
  • have the necessary systems and support in place to ensure that every child benefits from effective teaching.

A principal must navigate three different sets of legislation in managing the various employee categories at the school.  Human Resources Management in Public Schools: A Practical Guide provides an overview of the most important laws and regulations affecting schools in this area and explains their practical implications.

Written by a well-known author and practitioner in the field of school governance and management, this book brings invaluable practical advice on the most pertinent areas of human resources management in public schools.

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Author: Jaco Deacon


  • Foreword – Ms Ella Mokgalane
  • Foreword – Jaco Deacon
  • Chapter 1: The legal framework for the appointment and management of staff in public schools
  • Chapter 2: The appointment process for departmental staff
  • Chapter 3: The appointment process for a school principal
  • Chapter 4: The appointment of additional staff
  • Chapter 5: Conditions of employment
  • Chapter 6: Post classification and remuneration
  • Chapter 7: Permanent appointments and fixed-term
  • Chapter 8: Discipline in the workplace
  • Chapter 9: Poor work performance
  • Chapter 10: Dispute resolution
  • Chapter 11: Wise words
  • Annexure: The Code of Professional Ethics of the South African Council for Educators

Interest / Benefit to:

  • Governing body members, principals, personnel officers at schools, education officials, legal practitioners, accountants and auditors


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