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FEDSAS is the only SGB association with a dedicated Education Technology initiative.  The FEDSAS Centre for Technology aims to put special focus on integrating technology in all aspects of education, apply specialist knowledge in the field of technology and bring our members specific solutions tailored for education.

Resolute Robotics 

Resolute Robotics strives to promote a learning environment that is creative, challenging, and interactive. We aim to encourage students to explore an electronic and computer engineering environment to further encourage their logical thinking skills and provide opportunities for them to learn and gain valuable industry-relevant skills. Resolute gives students the foundation they need to pursue a career in coding and robotics (but not before covering the basics!).  We teach them the three essential pillars of technology-engineering, data sciences and computer sciences.

D6 Group

Offering quality support and innovative technology-driven solutions to clients within the community, education and media industries. As an innovative technology-driven company, d6 group influences audiences in different sectors to ensure effective management and communication. Within the d6 group, three brands have been established in the group of companies namely d6 education, d6 communities and d6 media. These brands each have their own distinct attributes but still remain focused on being at the forefront of technology-driven innovation.


We are committed to providing creative, inclusive and inspiring software to encourage children to love learning and prepare them for later life. We take difficult concepts and make them accessible to children of all abilities. Purple Mash is an educational, creative, and inspiring tool that engages over 7,000 schools worldwide. It includes a collection of essential child-friendly, ergonomically designed tools, games and activities. Prepare your students for the digital world and help them develop their programming skills and computational thinking. Python In Pieces has been designed around the curriculum with step-by-step lessons and opportunities to test understanding with the free-code environment. Its intuitive environment enables easy translation between block and Python code.


Unboxxed offers trusted, preowned, and professionally renewed devices that help schools, non-profits, and businesses to reduce their technology costs without compromising reliability.

Connected Smart Schools

Connected Smart Schools is an innovative edtech and connectivity company that has partnerships with the largest telecoms and devices multinationals and is focused on helping schools in their digital transformation journeys.  We operate a unique one-stop-shop that helps schools and tertiary institutions with their complex digitization, automation and connectivity needs and have devised a subscription or rental model for most of our products and solutions so as to ensure that schools do not have to put up large upfront cash payments when buying from us.  We also provide learner specific mobile data packages at the best rates in South Africa.  Our products and solutions are fully backed up with remote and on-site support for the duration of the subscription period.

Registered Communication

A school can hand over school fees for collection to an attorney, provided that certain steps have been taken before this stage.  Schools that do not follow the correct procedures, which include providing the relevant information to parents regarding fee exemption, are not acting in accordance with the South African Schools Act (84 of 1996) 1.

According to the Act, a governing body must ascertain that a parent doesn’t apply for a fee exemption before enforcing the payment of school fees.


The truly anonymous safeguarding platform created to make the classroom a safer environment for all.  Xono can help individuals safely communicate incidents such as bullying harassment, toxic behaviour and more.

SMD Technologies

Founded in 2005, SMD Technologies humbly started out as a reliable and affordable source of quality scientific and financial calculators. We soon saw an opportunity in the market to expand into personal consumer electronics. So, we began the task of sourcing from China. On our search for the best of the best, we were not satisfied with simply purchasing no-name branded electronics. We pushed to provide excellence through quality and brand appeal. Subsequently, we have created market-leading brands along the likes of, Volkano, Rocka, Amplify, Eiger, Switched, Connex Connect, Kingsons, Edumatic, and more. The company’s rapid growth from five core staff, to the current 300+ employees, can be directly attributed to the relationships we have built. There seems to be no slowing down as we continue to work towards bringing in new ranges and building new relationships.

ONE80 Academy Leadership & Data

The ONE80 academy is an academy that uniquely combines leadership and data development programmes to deliver a professional, rounded and integrated person to the workplace.  A further special feature is that customised clustering and selection of programmes are possible to meet the profile of the participants.


Unlocking New Worlds of Reading with Booktalk: Your Literary Companion in the Digital Age! Step into the captivating realm of Booktalk, your premier destination for innovative reading experiences in the ever-evolving landscape of South African libraries.  Established in 1992, our journey began with a mission to supply libraries with audiobooks, educational videos, and an extensive collection of books, including large-print formats. Along with the surge in end-user technology, Booktalk has fully embraced the digital era, recognizing the transformative power of e-books, e-audio books, e-magazines, and more.