Technology in our Schools

Suppliers, products and services – innovative solutions for education.

Finance and Risk Management

Suppliers, products and services – assisting schools in their financial well-being.

Human Resources

Service providers that are concerned about the well-being of schools’ staff.

Associated NGOs

Organisations that volunteer time, effort and resources to making education better.

Fundraising Opportunities

Fundraising opportunities for schools.

FEDSAS Consultants

FEDSAS consultants to assist you with your educational needs.

Learning Resources

Learning resources supplied into the educational sector that improve and advance education.

School Services

All additional service providers other than those listed elsewhere.

SGB Development

Training and development opportunities for SGB and SMT members.  Opportunities provided by FEDSAS as well as other associated organisations.

Business Directory

Complete listing of businesses, operations, and service providers are listed here.  This directory allows a quick overview and search of all associated businesses and operations.

Publications and Books