A Practical Guide to School Governance (Digital Download)


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A straight forward, practical guide for all who are involved in school governance.

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1. What is a school?
2. A school as a juristic person
3. What is school governance?
4. What is the primary purpose of school governing bodies in public schools?
5. Who forms part of a public school’s governing body?
6. How are school governance and school management at a public school linked, and how do they differ?
7. What is the Department of Basic Education’s role in the governance of public schools?
8. The constitution of a school governing body
9. The code of conduct for a governing body
10. What are the primary functions to be performed by school governing bodies?
11. What is the governing body’s role in determining a public school’s vision and mission statement?
12. How can the appointment of various committees assist the governing body in performing its functions?
13. The governing body’s role in the financial management of a public school
14. Drafting a financial policy for a public school
15. Which guidelines should governing bodies follow in developing school policies?
16. How can governing bodies and educators support each other in the interest of the school?
17. Which legislation, court cases, regulations, education policies and guidelines should governing bodies study to operate more efficiently?
18. How does FEDSAS membership benefit schools?


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